Diving with Hammerheads

    Abu Ramada Cave Hurghada, Egypt

    After the drop off from the boat you can go down to a cave about 10 meters in length that is open at both ends. The top to the cave it at about 38 meters, and goes down to about 48 meters. after you go through, it is a great swim back up along the reef to the surface.

    Ari Beache Beru South Ari Atoll, Maldives

    Ariyadhoo Corner South Ari Atoll, Maldives

    Long reef 30m deep at the western side of Ariyadhoo island
    Hammerhead Shark

    Bajo Alcyone Cocos Island, Costa Rica

    This is the number one spot for hundreds of fish and hammerheads!!be aware of the strong currents in this area.

    Ben el Gebel Hurghada, Egypt

    Erg Abu Nugar Hurghada, Egypt

    This dive site consists of a series of pinnacles with a gotta at one end and a very large pinnacle at the other. The dive boat can be moored at either end of the site. This is a shallow dive site, max depth 14 meters, but there is a great variety of marine life to see. The pinnacles are covered in…

    Bodufinolhu Thila South Ari Atoll, Maldives


    Brayka Bay Housereef North Marsa Alam, Egypt

    Brayka Bay Housereef South Marsa Alam, Egypt

    Cambaquiz Cabilao, Philippines

    This is a very nice dive just in front of the village. Wall down to 30m with a small cave. The sandy part in between the reefs is easy to find a double-ended and an ornate pipefish.
    Silky Shark

    Channel Galapagos, Ecuador

    The Channel dive site is located between the Arch and Darwin Island.You might encounter Galapagos sharks, silky sharks, dolphins, yellow fin tuna, big eye jacks, mobula rays, eagle rays, golden cowrays and mantas. From June to October you might see a whale shark, tiger shark, marlin or whale if…

    Coraya Beach Housereef North Marsa Alam, Egypt

    Coraya Beach Housereef South Marsa Alam, Egypt

    Crack Reef Layang Layang, Malaysia

    Crack reef and Navigator line are two dive sites very close from each other. So you can dive both on the same dive. Sealife is also great on this side of the island: Hammerhead sharks, Black Coral, Lionfishes++, and a coral garden between 15m and 8m for the deco!

    D Wall Layang Layang, Malaysia

    A great wall that only breaks at 40m before running up to 2000m ! Very nice corals, sponges and gorgonians. Sharks, Rays, Eels, Mantas, and deeper down some hammerhead sharks.

    Dahara Marsa Alam, Egypt

    School of Hammerhead Sharks

    Darwin's Arch Galapagos, Ecuador

    The Darwin's Arch on the south east corner of Darwin Island is the best dive site in the Galapagos Islands. The site is a great place to see Whale Sharks, Hammerhead, silky, galapagos and black tip reef sharks, turtles, rays and other large pelagics.

    Dhiffushi Beru South Ari Atoll, Maldives

    Outside of Dhiffushi Island
    Hammerhead Shark

    Dirty Rock Cocos Island, Costa Rica

    Hammerhead dive

    Diver's Alley Hurghada, Egypt

    Down at 40 meters there is a protrusion of the reef with an opening about 10 meters long that you can swim through. The top of this "cave" is at 40m, and it goes down to 49m. After going through, it's a nice swim along the reef.Also good for drift diving as the currents can be strong here.

    Dogtooth Lair Layang Layang, Malaysia

    Very similar to 'the point' nearby. Large tuna shoals, sharks.

    El Aruk - Aruk Diana Hurghada, Egypt


    El Aruk - Aruk Makroom Hurghada, Egypt

    El Aruk is a shallow dive with app. 10m-15m. Lots of smaller ergs need good navigation not to loose orientation in between them. Watch your compass and take care of the sometimes quiet strong current. The sandy bottom is the home of a lot of sweet lips and blue spotted stingrays. Hidden in the erg…

    El Aruk - Aruk Gigi Hurghada, Egypt

    A cluster of a seven ergs laying in 10m - 15m of water. The whole area is home to sweetlips under the ledges, blue spotted sting rays in the sandy patches and glassfish and anthia fish swarm on the erg wall. One erg to note is the split erg, which has a grotto through it filled with glassfish,…

    Abu Ramada Hurghada, Egypt

    Plateau with 3 pinacles covered in soft coral and small orange fish. Deeper small caves and moray eels. Black tipped reef sharks and barracudas can curuise by.Less dived because it can have very strong current. Good drift dive along the steep eastern wall, with big fan corals, overhangs and swim…

    Erg Somaya Hurghada, Egypt

    One of the nicest drifts in Hurghada. Beautiful hard coral and one of the best places to spot sharks and Napoleon fish in Hurghada.The current can be anything from mild to horrible, so this is not a site for beginners. Good for the rest of us, though, as you seldom find more than one or two groups…

    Fallen tree Cabilao, Philippines

    Nice wall with gorgonian sea fans and black corals. Sometime you can see turtles here... If your lucky you will see the school of Big eye jacks and Barracuda in one dive. If the current picke up, you wil see Tunas, Mackerel and lots of snappers.

    Gordon Reef Strait of Tyran, Egypt

    Gordon Reef is known and easily identified by the wreck of the Panamanian cargo ship Loullia (3461 tonnes) which ran aground in September 1981. Best done as a drift dive you have the opportunity to observe various species of coral, small nudibranches hidden in the crevices and the soft corals, White…

    Gorgonian forest Layang Layang, Malaysia

    A wall from 15m to 40m with gorgonians, jacks, and various sharks including hammerhead sharks...
    Lion fish in Jackson reef Sharm el sheikh

    Gota Shaab Sharm Marsa Alam, Egypt

    Eagle ray in the blue ( Thomas reef Sharm el sheikh )

    Gota Shaab Sharm Marsa Alam, Egypt

    Habibty Reef Hurghada, Egypt

    A good reef for night dives, access right from the shore.

    Halg Dawoud Marsa Alam, Egypt


    HEPCA Shark Monument Hurghada, Egypt

    it¥s a standard divesite, but there is the first underwater memorial for the sharks. it¥s an 2,5m long withe shark from the sharksaving organisation sharkproject.
    School of Jacks

    Isla Manuelita Cocos Island, Costa Rica

    A nice drift dive with big schools of jacks, turtles, wahoo, sharks, mantas, eagle and marble rays and many more big fish.Strong currents so advanced divers only.

    Kudadhoo Corner South Ari Atoll, Maldives

    Also known as Kudadhoo Etheru Faru this is a wall dive in the channel between Kudadhoo and Ariyadhoo. The reef starts at 3m and it drops off to more than 40m on the southern side, and to 30 in the north. There is a small canyon that starts on the reef top and goes down to 15. Inside there are nice…

    Laguna Reef Strait of Tyran, Egypt

    The western side of Tiran Island itself is divided into two parts which scuba divers generally refer to as North and South Laguna. Both marked by beacons these are beautiful drift dives which can be done only when the weather conditions are exceptionally good. The area is strongly influenced by…

    Lighthouse Cabilao, Philippines

    Wall down to 25m, then a plateau at 30m, followed by another wall. Strong currents possible. In winter (Dec. to April) hammerheads and white-tipped reefsharks are possible. In summer they are sometimes seen in deeper areas. Barracuda and jackfish schools. The diveguides find all kinds of strange…

    Little Brother The Brother Islands, Egypt

    Steep walls, black coral, great gorgonians

    Maamigili Beru South Ari Atoll, Maldives