Diving with Hammerheads

    Whale Shark

    Maamigili Faru South Ari Atoll, Maldives

    Also Maamigili Corner is the western corner of the kandu with the name of the island. Is not a very good dive close to the kandu as the construction of the new airport is very noisy and there is a lot of boat traffic. However, on the most western side of the dive, on top of the reef between 5 and…

    Machchafushi Housereef South Ari Atoll, Maldives


    Makadi Bay Reef Hurghada, Egypt

    Great for snorkelling. Large area and relative few people. Hanging on the surface the depth to the reef rocks/population is only 1 to 2 meters. Of course there are deeper spots. Great reef wall.Will get busier in due time due to building of holiday resorts.

    Marsa Abu Dabab North Marsa Alam, Egypt

    The Abu Dabab reefs are very spread out and the formation offers a large variety of dive plans. The north and northwestern reefs are home to some spectacular hard corals. The current in all areas is generally moderate. There is everything here: from caves and cave systems, a wreck, closely situated…

    Marsa shagra Marsa Alam, Egypt

    Marsa Shunne Marsa Alam, Egypt

    Moray Alley Bimini, Bahamas

    Nice reef life including Morays, groupers, angelfish, stingrays...

    North Abu Ramada Hurghada, Egypt

    Less dived site in north of Abu Ramada island. Nice plateau on the north side and wall on the east side. This place is mostly dived with soth winds (not very often) and can have anything from mild to horrible current.Good place to spot turtles, barracudas, reefsharks, octopus and moray eels.

    Numidia Wreck The Brother Islands, Egypt

    The 137m long British cargo ship Numidia sunk in july 20th, 1901. The bows lies near 8m deep with a pair of Railway Engine Wheels. The rest of the wreck goes down to 40m and the stern lies near 80m.Highlights: Wonderful wreck, Gray Sharks

    Oberoi Housereef Hurghada, Egypt

    Petra Hurghada, Egypt

    Police Station Hurghada, Egypt

    Sharks Resting

    Punta Maria Cocos Island, Costa Rica

    Descend onto an underwater mountain starting at a depth of 20 meters (65 feet). Cruise around the cleaning station to look for Galapagos sharks and hammerheads. White tip sharks are also regular visitors here. Experienced divers only, due to strong currents. Good visibility, usually around 20 meters…

    Ras El Torfa Marsa Alam, Egypt

    Ras Torombi Marsa Alam, Egypt


    Royal Azur Coral Hurghada, Egypt

    Runnaway Layang Layang, Malaysia

    Very nice dive, the viz was 50m+. Sharks was abundant: whitetip reef sharks, hammerhead sharks and grey reef sharks. Nice dive.

    Salut Dropoff Lombok, Indonesia

    Near Gili Lawang is the drop-off area Salut Drop-off. This is a dive site from 4 until 40 meters deep.There is a lot of hard and soft coral, like brancish and tabulate coral, in this area, of which 85% is intact. Also you can see a lot of Acropora coral. On the bottom you can see a lot of shrimps…

    Sand Beach Hurghada, Egypt

    Sapona Wreck Bimini, Bahamas

    The Sapona was a 270-foot vessel built in 1904. It was used by rum-runner between the Bahamas and Florida during Prohibition. She sunk during an hurricane in 1926.Over half of the ship is visible above water, so it is a very popular wreck for snorkellers.

    Sha'ab Abu Nuhas Hurghada, Egypt

    About 2 1/2 hours cruising time from Hurghada lies the reef of Abu Nuhas - "The father of bad luck", so called because of the number of ships that have hit this reef over the years. The reef is to the north of Shaidwan Island, close to the main shipping channel from Suez and usually partially…

    Sha'ab Ghadir Marsa Alam, Egypt

    Sha'ab Ghadir Soraya Marsa Alam, Egypt

    Sha'ab Iris Hurghada, Egypt

    Part of the Abu Nugar complex, and west of Umm Gamar, this is a sand bottom with scattered coral heads.Very interesting for seeing little fish and branches since there is enough sand that you can ground yourself withoug worrying about hitting the coral here.

    Sha'ab Nakari Marsa Alam, Egypt


    Sha'ab Sabrina Hurghada, Egypt

    The reef here pokes out from the eastern side of Giftun Kebira island and has a coral garden extending 300-400m north of it. The best way to dive this site is on the drift, dropping 300m out and using the gentle current to make your way back to the boat mooring. This area is known for its beautiful…

    Sha'ab Talata Hurghada, Egypt

    Shaab Samadai East Marsa Alam, Egypt

    Shaab Samadai West Marsa Alam, Egypt

    Shark view point Cabilao, Philippines

    The plateau is 30m deep. In this area, there is always a little bit current. This IS the place to see hammerheads and white-tipped reefsharks (in winter). You may also find Pygmy and Thorny seahorses.

    Sharks cave Layang Layang, Malaysia

    The cave entrance is 25 m deep. Here you must find a lot of different sharks: Leopard sharks, Whitetip sharks, Nurse sharks, Grey reef sharks and Hammerhead sharks.

    Sharm Anbaut Marsa Alam, Egypt

    Rosy Lipped Batfish

    Silverado Cocos Island, Costa Rica

    Named because of the silvertip cleaning station, the only one known around Cocos. Look through the corals for cool critters such as jawfish, snake eels, starfish, mantis shrimp and the strange little rosy-lipped batfish, a must see when diving at Cocos Island.

    Snapper Ledge Layang Layang, Malaysia

    Take care of the current. It may be strong here!This spot viz was outstandig: More than 50m...

    South Abu Ramada Hurghada, Egypt

    South point Cabilao, Philippines

    Great coral garden with giant table corals (between 5 and 15m). Large fish shoals. Lots of caves and overhangings with sometime White Tip Sharks.

    Stage Reef South Ari Atoll, Maldives


    Susana Wreck Hurghada, Egypt

    Susana Wreck

    Susana Wreck Hurghada, Egypt

    Talisay tree Cabilao, Philippines

    See fallen tree. It's the same kind of dive.